Sunday, June 20, 2021

Easton Sleuth is now available!

Shelley Blanca works part-time at the Easton Book Store in downtown Easton. Shelley only works a couple of hours a week at the book store. She earns just enough to fuel her love of books, with the employee discount of course. The book store also gives her instant access to research for her nascent novel, starring the irrepressible Beautiful Deborah. Besides, she meets the most interesting people in the book store and let’s face it, housework is boring. Shelley spends the rest of her time taking care of the animals, housework (still boring), supervising and shepherding the Angels and writing her novel, until Buzz Singleton is murdered.

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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Easton Series Characters - Kati McClellan


Kati McClellan is a trim little girl with long, straight, brown hair that hangs to her waist. Kati stands taller than Jason but not as tall as Eric.

Kati came to stay at the Sanders Ranch when her father's job took him and her mother to Europe. Kati’s father had left her in the Sanders’ care when he received the ultimate promotion that was “too good” to refuse. Of course, Kati’s mother thought nothing about going with him and leaving Kati behind. They were traveling in Europe somewhere and Kati had no idea when they would return. Kati’s parents send post cards to their lonely daughter with the promise to return soon.

Kati is very seldom quiet. She is an ace at video games and holds the house record for Taxi. Kati is 13 and is proving to be a bit of a handful. Kati feels abandoned and spends her time taking her frustrations at being left behind out on those around her.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Easton Series Characters - Jonathan Hardy

Deputy Jerry introduces the troubled youth Jonathan Hardy to the angels. Jon is 14 years old, has sandy brown hair and brown eyes. He is the same height as Eric. Jon has a problem and no one believes him when he tries to get help. After spending time with Jason, Eric, Sonja and Lauren, Jon tells them his secret and together they “investigate” this new mystery occurring in the little town of Easton.

Jon’s mother, Sharon Hardy, has a medical problem and Jon worries about her getting the medical attention she needs. Only when the Sanders suggest that Jonathan stay with them was she willing to go to San Francisco for treatment. She had stubbornly refused to go until Jonathan had somewhere safe to stay.

Jon is artistic and keeps a cool head which is useful when the Angels stir up trouble.

Jon appears in Easton Harvest, Easton Holiday and Easton Blossoms.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Easton Series Characters - Eric


Eric Lane is blond haired and blue eyed with a devilish gleam that reveals a sharp intelligence. Eric loves animals and reading. He is the quiet one of the angels, but can hold his own in any situation.

Eric was hurting. He was doing his best to keep to himself. Eric’s mother had been young when she found out she was pregnant. When Eric was born he was taken away from her and given to his grandmother to raise as her own. Eric’s mother grew up, got married and had other children. She forgot about Eric. By the time he was 12, Eric’s energy was taxing on his grandmother.

Eric came to live at the Sanders Ranch when his grandmother became ill and could no longer keep up with the energetic little boy. Eric felt abandoned and was quietly rebelling.

Catch Eric in all four Easton Series books.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Easton Series Characters - Jason

            Jason Bonham is small for his age. He has black curly hair and large dark eyes rimmed with thick black lashes. His eyes are a deep dark brown which are almost black. Jason has the most beautiful smile when he chooses to use it. He hates it of course. What 12 year old boy likes to be told that his smile is beautiful?

Jason’s parents died in an auto accident a few years ago. His aunt already had four kids and just could not handle another child. Jason is a fire ball. His imagination keeps him in motion and his mouth keeps him in trouble; he always seems mad at the world. Jason is so, so moody and tends to ignore you, but once you get him talking, sometimes you couldn’t shut him up. Jason likes music and plays the guitar. He is the joker of the Angels and is their unofficial spokesman. Jason came to the Sanders Ranch looking for a place he could call home and love but Jason was doing his best to cause trouble.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Word Fascination

 Comport - to behave in a particular way; to agree or be consistent with something.

            Jason quietly closed the door to the principal's office. He stood in the hallway for a moment trying to make sense of what the principal said.

            Eric, his best friend and brother, stood from where he had been waiting and asked. "Well, what did you do this time?"

            "I don't really know. He told me I was too enthusiastic in the auditorium and that I should comport myself with dignity and reserve like the other students," Jason answered.

            "He doesn't know you very well," Eric answered, bumping Jason's arm.

Happy reading!